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Nineruto Uzumatai

== An annoying fox. He used to paint and do funny things which the Hokamon doesn't like. Although a fox is sealed in him, no one cares about him when he was a small Vulpix. The people pays no respect ar all. But when he grows tall, everything changed. He did still became annoying, but not too annoying. He began as a Genin in just a day with Likashi.

In the MangaEdit

In the manga, Nineruto usually have friends. In manga 1, he has Konohamaru with him. Although the manga does not exist now, but I will someday draw. In the manga 2, he went to the land of waves to defeat Zabuza. Will he succeed? You will find out. In manga 3, all random stuff about Zabuza, Haku many things.

In the AnimeEdit

Not sure if I can animate now. This is a fanflash anime. Anyway, in the anime, true things will be out. Books, Comics, CD and DVD, they will all come out one day. In the episode 'Danger, Likashi Gos Wild!', Likashi or Kakashi did wile things, and very hard to animate. Although in that episode was a non kid one, but it won't be published in any comic book, EVER.

Fan Arts?Edit

Send your fan arts on Facebook, think of how I can draw the rest of the characters! The rests in my computer. Please send arts. You know, they are more then 40 mangas and 200 episodes!